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The Two Sir Williams (Trussell & FitzWarin)
William Trussell & William FitzWarin
  • Sir William Trussell & Sir William FitzWarin -  Nash Ford PublishingSir William FitzWarin and Sir William Trussell lived in the 14th century.

  • They were good friends. Trussell's brother was married to FitzWarin's niece. Her brother was Lord St. Philibert.

  • They both worked for King Edward III. They were all about the same age.

  • They fought the Scots for the King and then the French. They were both commanders at the Battle of Crecy and fought alongside the Black Prince at the Battle of Poitiers.

  • Sir William FitzWarin's family came from Shropshire. He was a descendant of the famous outlaw of Windsor Forest during King John's reign.

  • FitzWarin had lands in Dorset, but lived at Wantage Manor which belonged to his brother. He was one of the King's closest friends and was made a Knight of the Garter. His grandaughter married the famous 'Dick Whittington' and still appears in Christmas Pantomimes.

  • Sir William Trussell's family came from Staffordshire, but his step-father was Oliver de Bordeaux, who was Constable of Windsor Castle before Thomas Foxley. Trussell lived at Shottesbrooke House, near Maidenhead. He was made Constable of Odiham Castle in North-East Hampshire. He was also the gaoler of King David II of Scots after he was transferred there from Windsor Castle.

  • An old story tells how Trussell was an alcoholic until his wife helped him give up drink. In thanks, he built Shottesbrooke Church as a college of canons (like a monastery for vicars).

  • Trussell's nephew also liked to get drunk; but it got him into trouble. He took part in the kidnapping of Lady De la Beche from Beaumys Castle in Swallowfield. This was very embarrassing for his uncle.

  • Monuments to the two men can be seen in the churches at Wantage and Shottesbrooke. FitzWarin's coat of arms can be seen on his stall-plate in St. George's Chapel, Windsor.


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