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John, Lord St. Philibert
The Pilgrimage Prisoner

John, Lord St. Philibert -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • John St. Philibert lived in the 14th century. He was the son of the English Mayor of Bordeaux in Gascony (France).

  • He got married when he was only 5 years old! His father died a year later and he was brought up by his mother. She was the sister-in-law of Sir William FitzWarin

  • At the age of 19, John went on a pilgrimage to Italy, probably to Rome. He went with his friend, Robert Bradeston (from Gloucestershire), and his friend's squire, Walter Datchet.

  • The three were arrested in Pisa and thrown in prison. Robert's father persuaded the King to do the same to all the Pisan merchants in England until they were released. This took two years.

  • Like his father, John lived at Sulham House, near Reading, and  Philberds Manor (also known as Cresswell's Manor) at Holyport, near Maidenhead. His sister was married to the brother of Sir William Trussell from Shottesbrooke.

  • For many years, John fought the French alongside the Black Prince. He was almost certainly at the Battle of Poitiers. The two become friends. The King liked him too and made him a baron (or lord) in Parliament. He was also a friend and neighbour of Sir John Foxley

  • John sold up his Berkshire lands in 1352. It is not clear why. He died abroad 6 years later.


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