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Sir John Foxley
Runaway Groom and Castle Builder

Sir John Foxley -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • Sir John Foxley was the son of Thomas Foxley, the Constable of Windsor Castle for most of Edward III's reign.

  • Like his father, he lived at Foxley Manor at Touchen End in Bray and at Bramshill Castle at Eversley in North-East Hampshire. He also owned East Court, next to the church at Finchampstead.

  • He was about ten years older than his friends, the Black Prince and Sir Bernard Brocas.

  • When he was only about 14, he had fallen in love with Bernard's older sister, Matilda, who was about the same age. They eloped (ran off) together and persuaded the Vicar of Bray to marry them.

  • When everyone found out, they were all in big trouble and the vicar was sacked. But the couple stayed together and had three children.

  • We don't know much about Sir John's career, but he probably fought the French alongside the Prince at the Battles of Crecy and Poitiers.

  • As a young man, he may have been involved in the construction of the 'Round Table' Building at Windsor Castle.

  • Later he almost certainly helped his father to build Bramshill Castle and to rebuild Windsor Castle.

  • Like his father, he was made the constable of Royal castles. First at Queenborough in Kent which he finished building. It was round, like the Windsor Round Table Building.

  • He then became Constable of Southampton Castle in Hampshire. Southampton was the most important port in England. The town and the castle were often raided by the French. He was also in charge of the New Forest which was nearby.

  • When Sir John died in 1378, only two years after the Black Prince, he was buried in Bray Church where his memorial brass can still be seen today.


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