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King Edward III of England
Made Windsor the Centre of Europe

King Edward III of England -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • King Edward III was one of the greatest Kings of England. He lived in the 14th century.

  • He was born at Windsor Castle. His father, Edward II, liked to go hunting in the Forest there.

  • His father was kicked off the Throne because a lot of the Barons didn't like him. Edward III became king instead. He was only 14. He was crowned by a local Windsor man, Archbishop Walter Reynolds.

  • When Edward married, he made Windsor Castle into his main family home. His children were educated by Sir Nicholas de la Beche of La Beche Castle (Aldworth) & Beaumys Castle (Swallowfield). Lots of family events took place at Windsor Castle and at Reading Abbey nearby.

  • Like his father and grandfather, Edward wanted to be in charge of Scotland as well as England. He started a big war against the Scots and tried to put a new king on the throne.

  • In 1337, he decided he should be King of France too because his mother was the sister of the old king. King Philip VI of France was only the old king's cousin.

  • Being King of England wasn't enough for Edward. He wanted to be a great power in Europe. He thought setting up an order of knights would help him.

  • In 1346, Edward and his 16-year-old son went to France. His son was called the Black Prince. They took a big army with them. The French army was bigger, but the English beat them at the Battle of Crecy.

  • King David II of Scotland tried to help the French.

    • He invaded England in 1346. He was captured at the Battle of Neville's Cross (in County Durham).

    • He was imprisoned, but still lived like a king, in the Tower of London, Windsor Castle & Odiham Castle for 11 years. Sir William Trussell was his gaoler.

    • He complained about the poor state of Windsor Castle. So Edward used the money from his ransom to rebuilt it.

  • The war with France continued throughout King Edward's reign. It became known as the Hundred Years' War because it went on for so long.

  • King John II of France was also captured, at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356. He was also imprisoned at Windsor Castle.

  • The Black Prince died before his father. When King Edward died, his grandson, Richard II became king.


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