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A Terrific Timeline
for Windsor Castle in the 1300s

Thomas Foxley worked for King Edward III as the Constable of Windsor Castle for 32 years between 1328 to 1360. After 1345, there were many big family celebrations such as Royal christenings; but the castle was also the centre of everything that was happening, not only in England, but in Europe too. Thomas looked after it all:

  1328 Thomas Foxley is appointed Constable of Windsor Castle by Queen Isabella and her boyfriend, the Earl of March. Edward III is still too young to rule by himself.
  1330 Edward III takes full control of the country. He lets Foxley stay on as Constable of Windsor Castle. The King meets with French Ambassadors at the Castle. They want him to accept the King of France as his 'overlord'.
  1331 Foxley arranges repairs at the Castle. Queen Philippa lives there for a while.
  1333 Edward III returns to Windsor Castle for a well deserved rest after his war with the Scots.
  1336 At Windsor Castle, Foxley is put in charge of prisoners from the Scottish War. He later has to transfer one, the Earl of Moray, to Winchester Castle.
  1338 Edward III starts his war against the French. Windsor Castle is garrisoned by 10 soldiers and 20 archers while he is abroad.
  1340 Edward III holds a tournament at Windsor Castle.
  1344 The King holds a very big tournament at Windsor Castle. The Earl of Salisbury is killed there. The King promises to set up an Order of the Round Table, like King Arthur. He has a huge 'Round Table Building' put up in the Castle. Another tournament is held later on.
  1345 The King makes Windsor Castle his main home. The Royal family move in. He holds another tournament there.
  1346 There are huge preparations for the war with France. Everywhere, there are knights practice fighting, horses arriving, weapons and armour being made, bags being packed, carts being loaded and messengers coming and going.
  1347 There is a fabulous feast to celebrate the English victories in France, especially the Battle of Crecy. After an embarrassing incident during the dancing, the King announces he is founding the Order of the Garter instead of the Round Table. 
  1348 The King sets up the Order. Building work begins on a new home for the knights: St. George's Chapel and buildings for its canons. Building work temporarily stops because of the Black Death. Another tournament is held at the castle (after an earlier one in Reading). There are magnificent celebrations at the Castle after the birth of Prince William. The King's prisoner, King David II of Scotland, joins the festivities. He stays and the Castle becomes his new prison.
  1349 Another tournament is held at Windsor Castle.
  1351 William of Wykeham does up the Round Tower for the King and Queen to move into while the Royal apartments are rebuilt.
  1352 Wykeham starts a huge rebuilding programme throughout the Castle. including the towers. The Round Table building is pulled down. Men are 'press-ganged' into working there from all over the country. Building work carries on for the next 17 years. It costs 51,000 (that's 18.5 million today!)
  1354 The King gives St. George's Chapel a holy relic called the 'Cross of Gneth'. Pilgrims flock there in droves.
  1355 There are huge preparations for war with France again. There is lots of activity like before. king David II of Scotland is transferred to a new prison at Odiham Castle.
  1356 King John II of France becomes a prisoner at the castle after the Battle of Poitiers.
  1358 A Royal tournament is held at the Castle to impress the King of France (and another in 1361).
  1360 Sir Thomas Foxley dies.


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