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Windsor Castle
Biggest Lived-In Castle in the World!

Windsor Castle -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • In Norman times, King William the Conqueror took over England. He built a castle at Windsor to replace the Saxon Palace at nearby Old Windsor. It kept the local people under control. They didn't like King William very much.

  • The Castle was built in wood and then stone. It was always popular with the Kings of England. They liked to hunt in the Forest and the Great Park.

  • King John was very bad. He and his friends were put under siege at the Castle twice. Later, Edward I made it a family home as well as a fortress.

  • Lots of exciting things happened at the castle during King Edward III's reign. He used the Castle as a prison. Prisoners were kept in the Devil's Tower or in the dungeons of the Curfew Tower. When executed, their bodies were hung from the Curfew Tower as a warning to others.

  • During his foreign wars, he captured King David II of Scotland and King John II of France. They lived at Windsor Castle in luxury, but complained because the place was falling down. They told the King that he should use their ransoms to rebuild it and he did!

  • King Edward also started the 'Order of the Garter' at the Castle. He rebuilt St. George's Chapel for its knights. They still meet there today.

  • Most of the Kings & Queens of England since the War of the Roses have been buried in St. George's Chapel. King Henry VI was worshipped as a saint. He attracted many pilgrims to the Castle.

  • The famous playwright, William Shakespeare, wrote a play called 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' in Tudor times. It was performed for the first time in the Castle Library for Queen Elizabeth I.

  • After the English Civil War, Cromwell wanted to pull the Castle down. Fortunately, he was beaten by one vote in Parliament!

  • King Charles II turned the Castle into a Baroque Palace. He had a wonderful new plumbing system installed. The inventor demonstrated it by creating a huge fountain filled with wine. His name was Samuel Moorland and he came from Sulhamstead

  • In Georgian times, King George III went blind and then completely mad! He was kept locked up at Windsor Castle for 10 years until he died there.

  • King George IV altered much of the Castle to appear as we see it today. He was famous for the wild parties he held there and at the Royal Lodge in the Great Park.

  • The Castle is haunted by many Royal ghosts. These include King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, King Charles I & King George III. Spooky!

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