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Bad Prince John
Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know!

Bad King John -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • John was the youngest son of King Henry II & Queen Eleanor (of Acquitaine). He lived Medieval Times, in the late 12th and early 13th centuries.
  • He grew up at Windsor Castle where his mother spoilt him rotten.
  • He used to play chess with a boy called Fulk FitzWarin, whose family lived at Wantage. They once got into an argument over a game and Fulk hit the young prince. John squealed to his father but just got punished for telling tales. He hated Fulk after that.
  • When John grew up, he became cunning and devious. He wanted to be King. So when his brother, Good King Richard, was away in the Holy Land fighting a Crusade, John told everyone he had been killed.
  • He set himself up in Windsor Castle, but the Queen-Mother found out the truth. She had the Barons lay siege to the Castle until John surrendered.
  • Eventually King Richard died. His nephew, twelve-year-old Prince Arthur, should have been King next. However, John captured him and stabbed him to death!

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