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Sieges at Windsor Castle
Bad King hides in his Castle

Medieval Catapult attacking Windsor Castle -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • The walls of Windsor Castle were 1st tested in 1193 when King Richard the Lionheart had been captured by his enemies in Europe.

  • His evil brother, Prince John, told everyone the King was dead and tried to take over the country.

  • He gathered lots of soldiers together at Windsor Castle, but the Barons of England besieged him there. They were led by William Marshal, the Earl of Pembroke.

  • He couldn't leave the Castle or send out for extra food. The walls were bombarded with huge boulders by giant catapults. Soldiers tried to climb the walls with ladders and towers on wheels. Battering Rams were used to try and break down the doors. Life in the Castle wasn't very nice and he soon surrendered.

  • Later, John became King. He was very unpopular. The Barons asked the King of France to send an army to help them overthrow him.

  • In 1216, King John's friend, Engelard de Cygony, and his men were under siege from the Barons and the French, for 2 months at Windsor Castle.

  • Twice, Engelard made daring raids out of the Castle and cut the ropes working the enemies' catapults!

  • Food and medical supplies got very low, but the besieging armies eventually left to chase after King John in East Anglia.

  • There was a third siege during the reign of King John's son, Henry III. The Barons were going to rebel against the King in 1263. So his son, Prince Edward, fortified Windsor Castle against them. The Barons captured the King though. He sent orders for the prince to give up the castle. 


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