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The Black Prince
The Great English Hero from Windsor & Wallingford

Edward, the Black Prince -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • The Black Prince was the eldest son of King Edward III of England.

  • His real name was Prince Edward. He was the second English Prince of Wales. But everyone knows him as the 'Black Prince' because of the black armour that he always wore into battle.

  • The Black Prince grew up at Windsor Castle. He was a very active boy who liked sports (fencing, jousting, etc).

  • Edward III thought he should be King of France as well as England. The Black Prince went to fight the French with him and the English army. He was only 16.

  • He did really well and helped win the Battle of Crecy in 1346, when the English beat a much bigger army. The English were then recognised being important in Europe.

  • The King set up a small club called the Order of the Garter for him and the Black Prince and 24 friends. but some of the Prince's closest friends were poorer knights & could not join.

  • The war with France continued throughout King Edward's reign. It was known as the Hundred Years War. The Prince spent a lot of time at Windsor Castle preparing for war.

  • The Prince won the Battle of Poitiers for the English in 1356. King John II of France was captured. His youngest son was captured by Sir John Kentwood.

  • The King gave Aquitaine (in France) to the Prince to rule. He lived there for 9 years. When in England though, he lived at Kennington Palace (Surrey) & Wallingford Castle (Berkshire).

  • He married his cousin, Joan the 'Fair Maid of Kent' in St. George's Chapel, Windsor. He had stolen her from his best friend, Sir Bernard Brocas. They became the parents of King Richard II.

  • In 1366, the Black Prince went to Spain with an army to get the Throne of Castile (North-Central Spain) back for its king. He was successful at the Battle of Najara.

  • He died before his father, in 1376, after a long illness. It may have been cancer. He was only 45.


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