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Sir Bernard Brocas
The Black Prince's Best Friend

Sir Bernard Brocas -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • Sir Bernard Brocas was the son of Sir John Brocas, the Master of the Horse to King Edward III.

  • He lived at Clewer Brocas Manor, near Windsor, in the 14th century.

  • He was the same age as the King's eldest son, the Black Prince, and the two grew up at Windsor Castle together.

  • Bernard fought the French alongside the Prince at the Battles of Crecy and Poitiers, and in the Castilian Civil War at Najara in Spain. He was a great soldier. It is said that he killed the King of Morocco in battle.

  • While he was away fighting, his wife had a baby with someone else. She said she thought Bernard was dead. He divorced her when he got home.

  • Bernard became good friends with William of Wykeham who rebuilt Windsor Castle for King Edward. Bernard probably helped him.

  • He also helped the Black Prince rule Gascony in Aquitaine, which was where his father came from.

  • An old story tells how the Black Prince encouraged Bernard to try and marry Princess Joan, the 'Fair Maid of Kent'. But when the Prince went to talk to her about it, she told him that she loved him and not Bernard. So the two were married and the Black Prince had to find Bernard someone else to marry instead.

  • One of his squires was probably his sister's step-son, John Golafre. He later became best friends with the Black Prince's son who became King Richard II. Another of his sisters was married to his friend, Sir John Foxley.

  • Bernard must have missed the Prince after his death. He looked after the King's horses after his father's death. Then he ran the new Queen's household for her.

  • The Brocas Field in Eton, near Windsor, is named after him.


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