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Party Girl from Wallingford to Angouleme


  • Princess Joan 'the Fair Maid of Kent' lived in the 14th century. She was the daughter of Prince Edmund, the brother of King Edward II. He was executed by the King's enemies when she was only 2.

  • Joan was brought up by her mother and Queen Philippa, the wife of her cousin, King Edward III. She was very beautiful and liked to have fun. She danced with the King at the famous Garter Ball

  • When she was 13, her mother made her marry the son of the Earl of Salisbury. But it turned out she was already married to Sir Thomas Holland! So the Salisbury marriage was set aside.

  • Thomas & Joan became the Earl and Countess of Kent and had 5 children, but Thomas was killed in the war with the French.

  • Edward III's son, the Black Prince, thought Joan should marry his friend, Sir Bernard Brocas. But she loved the Prince and told him so. So the two were married in St. Edward's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

  • Joan and her new husband had a wild time ruling Aquitaine in France for 9 years. They wore the latest fashions and held magnificent parties and jousts at Bordeaux and Angouleme.

  • Back in England, they lived at Kennington Palace (Surrey) and Wallingford Castle (Berkshire); but the Prince became ill and died.

  • Joan still looked after her son. He soon became King Richard II. His uncle ran the country until he was old enough. They often fell out but Joan would get them to make up again.

  • During the Peasants' Revolt against Richard and his uncle, Joan managed to escape because the peasants liked her so much, but the leaders wanted a kiss first!

  • Later Joan became very ill. She got so fat that she couldn't stand up. At the same time, her son, John Holland, was arrested for murder. Joan thought he would be executed and died of a broken heart at Wallingford Castle.


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