Reading Abbey had a huge influence over life in Reading for over four hundred years. No history of the town would be complete without taking a look at the historic buildings of the abbey complex and what happened there.

Brief History of the Abbey

Reading Abbey History
Reading Abbey Library
Reading Abbey Ruins

Tour the Abbey Ruins

St. Laurence's Church
The Hospitium
The Forbury Gardens
The South Transept
Tomb of King Henry I
The Cloisters
The Chapter House
'Sumer is icumen in' Memorial
Hugh Cook of Faringdon's Memorial
The Domitory
The Refectory
The Reredorter
The Abbey Gateway
The Abbey Mill Arch
The Abbey Stables


The Hand of St. James
List of Relics

It happened at the Abbey

The Long Quarrel between the Town & the Abbot
Events at Reading Abbey
          In the Reign of Henry II
          In the Reign of Henry III
          In the Reign of Edward III
          In the Late Middle Ages
The Fall of Reading Abbey & its Abbot


List of Abbots
King Henry I
John of Gaunt
Hugh Cook of Faringdon
Dr. John London

Manors & Granges

Bere Court, Pangbourne
Bucklebury House
Cholsey Tithe Barn

After the Dissolution

Abbey House
Reading Gaol
The Forbury Gardens

The Greyfriars' Friary

Greyfriars' Church
Bridewell Prison Description


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