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The Historic Events of Berkshire Heraldic Crest of Berkshire

It all happened in Berkshire. Here are lots of old articles re-edited and some new original ones too. Would you like to contribute something new? Why not drop David a line and tell him about your special interest?

A Narrative History of Berkshire

An Introduction to Historic Berkshire
Prehistoric Berkshire
Roman Berkshire
Dark Age & Anglo-Saxon Berkshire
Norman & Medieval Berkshire
Tudor & Stuart Berkshire
Georgian & Victorian Berkshire

Abingdon Articles

The Great Riot of 1327
Jack Sharpe's Rising

Faringdon Articles

The Battle of Radcot Bridge

Newbury Articles

The Siege of 'Newbury Castle'
Kings John & Henry III in Newbury
Yorkist Persecution at Newbury
Buckingham's Insurrection at Newbury
The Newbury Martyrs
The First Battle of Newbury
The Second Battle of Newbury
The Newbury Coat

Reading Articles

The Development of Saxon Reading
The Development of Norman Reading
Viking Invasion of Reading
Trial by Combat in Reading
The Medieval Fairs of Reading
The Merchant Guild & First Mayors of Reading
The Long Quarrel between the Town & the Abbot
Events at Reading Abbey
          In the Reign of Henry II
          In the Reign of Henry III
          In the Reign of Edward III
          In the Late Middle Ages
The Founding of Reading School
The Fall of Reading Abbey & its Abbot
Royal Visits to Tudor Reading
Reading Four Hundred Years Ago
Reading's Protestant Martyr
The Siege of Reading
The Kidnapping of Reading's Mayor
Star Chamber Pillory Punishment
The Battle of Broad Street
Nonconformists in Reading
Reading Benefactors
The Reading Mercury
Reading Prisons
The Three Bs of Reading
Reading's Roads & Canals
The Railway comes to Reading

Wallingford Articles

Piers Gaveston & the Wallingford Tournament

Wantage Articles

Black Wantage

Windsor Articles

The First Siege of Windsor Castle
The Second Siege of Windsor Castle
The Third Siege of Windsor Castle
Londoners ransomed from Windsor Castle
The Order of the Garter
The Revolt of the Three Earls
The Windsor Martyrs

Other Articles

The Arrest of St. Edmund Campion
Coleshill & its Owners 
In Search of Catholic Priests at Ufton Court
The Bucklebury Oaks
The Chapel Row Revels
The Scouring of the White Horse
The Wardship of Francis Englefield Junior



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