There have been many interesting buildings in Reading over the centuries. Here are a selection. Some are still standing. Others have long disappeared.

A Brief History of Reading


Reading Abbey
Greyfriars' Church
St. Giles' Church
St. Laurence's Church
St. Mary's Church

Country Houses

Bulmersh Court
Calcot Park
Coley Park
Erleigh Court
Maiden Erlegh House
Southcote House
Whiteknights Park
Woodley Lodge

Town Buildings

Abbey House
Angel Brewery
Bridewell Prison
Heelas Department Store
Huntley & Palmer Biscuit Factory
Mill Lane Water Tower
The Oracle
Packer & Trendell Jewellers
Salmon Tea Warehouse
Simonds Brewery
Sutton Seeds
The Town Hall
Walsingham House
Yield Hall

Brief Histories of Other Town Houses & Shops may be found under their respective Streets

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