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He made Men into Kings!
The All Powerful Earl of Warwick

Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick - © Nash Ford Publishing
  • Richard Neville had the same name as his father, the Earl of Salisbury. He grew up at Bisham ‘Abbey’ Manor in Medieval Times.
  • At the age of only six, he became engaged to the daughter of the Earl of Warwick who had a castle at Caversham! They used to meet on Caversham Bridge in Reading.
  • His wife inherited lands all over the country from her brother. This made Richard very rich and powerful. He was made the Earl of Warwick and the two lived together at Warwick Castle.
  • Richard’s uncle, the Duke of York, thought he should be King instead of his cousin, Henry VI.
  • When a war broke out between these two, the Earl of Warwick and his father helped the Duke of York. They fought many bloody battles together. This war was called the ‘War of the Roses’.
  • When his father was killed, the Earl of Warwick inherited all his lands too and became even more powerful than the King.
  • When the Duke of York was killed in battle, his son, Edward, carried on the war. He also wanted to be King.
  • The Earl of Warwick argued with him a lot about their battle plans. However, he still managed to beat Henry VI who fled abroad in 1461. The Earl had Edward crowned as King Edward IV.
  • The new King tried to rule without the Earl of Warwick’s help. So the Earl kicked him out and brought back Henry VI. He then became known as ‘The Kingmaker’.
  • Edward IV raised an army and killed the Earl of Warwick at the Battle of Barnet in Hertfordshire.
  • His naked body was paraded through the streets of London before he was buried at Bisham Priory, next to his childhood home.


    © Nash Ford Publishing 2004. All Rights Reserved.