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King Henry VI of England
Windsor Man pulshed England into Civil War


  • King Henry VI was one of England's weakest kings. He lived in the 15th century.
  • He was born at Windsor Castle. He partly grew up at Wallingford Castle. His parents were King Henry V and Catherine of Valois.
  • He inherited the English Throne from his father as a baby of only nine-months-old. He inherited the French Throne from his grandfather, Charles VI, two months later.
  • Henry's uncles ran England for him. They lost much of France though. Most French people wanted Charles VI's son as their king.
  • When Henry became an adult, he made peace with the French. He married a French princess, Margaret of Anjou.
  • Henry was a good man, but a weak king. He liked to pray a lot. He set up colleges at both Eton and Cambridge.
  • He was unable to control the factions (powerful groups of friends) at the Royal Court. They were always arguing and telling him what to do: especially his cousins, the Duke of Somerset and the Duke of York. The Duke of York was the heir to the Throne.
  • In 1450, Jack Cade led a rebellion against the King in Kent and London.
  • Fighting started again in France and the English lost all their territory except the town of Calais.
  • King Henry had a breakdown and went 'mad'. He was hidden away in Windsor Castle. The Duke of York was put in charge as a regent.
  • When the King recovered, a Civil War started between the two. This was called the War of the Roses. It lasted from 1455 to 1471.
  • The Duke of York was killed in the fighting. His son declared himself King Edward IV.
  • King Henry was captured & put in the Tower of London; but Edward IV fell out with his main supporter, the Earl of Warwick, & had to flee abroad.
  • Henry was king again for a short time; but then Edward returned & Henry's supporters were defeated at last.
  • Henry died (or was murdered) in the Tower of London. He was buried at Chertsey Abbey (Surrey) & then St. George's Chapel, Windsor. His grave was visited by pilgrims.



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