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Bisham Priory
Poor Priory with Rich Patrons

Bisham Priory (later Abbey) -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • A priory is a monastery that is not as important as an abbey.

  • Bisham Priory was started by William Monatcute in 1337. He was the 1st Earl of Salisbury. He lived at Bisham Manor. This was right next door to where he built the Priory.

  • Before William went on a Crusade, his friends gathered to say prayers in the Priory Church. His daughter was there too. She was a nun, so wasn't allowed to get married. But she ran off with one of the monks from Bisham!

  • Lots of the Earls of Salisbury were buried in the Priory Church. They spent lots of money on their monuments. Some were of bronze covered in gold, like the Royal ones in Westminster Abbey. Two of the stone ones can be seen in Burghfield Church.

  • The famous Earl of Warwick was killed during the War of the Roses. He was buried there too.

  • The Earls of Salisbury did not give the monks much money though. The Priory was always poor. They had some small relics, but not many pilgrims visited.

  • Just before the place was 'dissolved' by King Henry VIII, it was made into an Abbey.


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