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Samuel Pepys
A Constant Berkshire Visitor

Samuel Pepys -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • Samuel Pepys was a famous writer. He wrote a diary (a day by day record of events) between 1660 & 1669. He wrote it in secret code!
  • Pepys' diary is important because it tells us a lot about life in England in Stuart times. He particularly wrote about:
  • Pepys' main job was helping to run the Navy, but he was not a sailor.
  • He visited Berkshire several times because his boss lived at Cranbourne Lodge in Windsor Great Park. This was Sir George Carteret. He was in charge of all the Navy's money.
    • On 19th August 1665, Pepys travelled by horse to Cranbourne late at night. The man showing him the way got lost in Windsor Forest, but Pepys followed the Moon.
    • When they eventually arrived, they found lots of building work going on at the Lodge. Pepys couldn't get in. He had to climb up a ladder to Sir George's bedroom! He brought news that British ships had lost a battle with the Dutch.
    • On 25th February 1666, Pepys and his wife travelled by coach to Cranbourne. They had dinner there and Pepys and Carteret walked in the park, discussing Navy business.
    • The next day, the Pepyses went to Windsor Castle to take a look round. There were tourists even in those days!
    • At St. George's Chapel, they sat in the choir stalls of the Knights of the Garter . They listened to the choir sing especially for them.
    • Then they visited the King's rooms and the Queen's rooms. Pepys thought it "the most romantic castle that is in the World" and he thought the view down the Long Walk was exceptionally fine.


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