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Puritan Palmer from Reading & Others Burnt Alive! 

Jocelyn Palmer arrested -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • Queen Mary I was a Roman Catholic. She changed all the religious reforms that her father, Henry VIII, had put in place. She made it illegal to be a Protestant.
  • Jocelyn Palmer was a a teacher at Reading School. He was also a private tutor to Sir Francis Knollys' children at Abbey House. They were all extreme Protestants, called a 'Puritans'. Palmer became one too.
  • The Knollys family fled abroad, but Palmer stayed behind.
  • When the people of Reading found out he was a Puritan, they drove Palmer out of town.
  • Palmer escaped, but he had not been paid. So he foolishly returned to Reading in secret to get his money.
  • His enemies found out & he was tracked down & arrested at the Cardinal's Hat Pub in Minster Street.
  • He was sent to Newbury for trial with two other men from that town: Thomas Askew & John Gwynne.
  • They were condemned to death and were burnt in the Enborne Road.


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