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Cursed Marriage No 2
for Catherine of Aragon & King Henry


  • After her husband died, Princess Catherine of Aragon was told she must marry his younger brother, Prince Henry.
  • They were married soon after he became King Henry VIII and were very happy together.
  • Catherine was a great queen. She looked after the kingdom while Henry was abroad. She went to war against the Scots and won the Battle of Flodden Field in Northumberland. The rich cloth merchant called Jack of Newbury sent soldiers to fight there, but they turned up too late!
  • However, it was difficult for Catherine to have children. She produced one daughter who lived and no sons. A son was needed to inherit the throne.
  • People said this marriage was cursed because you shouldn’t marry your dead husband’s brother.
  • Henry VIII decided he wanted to marry a lady called Anne Boleyn instead. Catherine was sent to stay at Easthampstead Park, near Bracknell.
  • The Catholic Pope would not give the King a divorce. So Henry created a new religion called ‘The Church of England’ and granted his own divorce.
  • Poor Catherine never saw her daughter again. She died in poverty in Huntingdonshire.

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