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Abandoned Amy Robsart
Murder Victim or just Accident Prone?
  • Death of Amy Robsart -  Nash Ford PublishingAmy was the daughter of a Norfolk knight named Sir John Robsart. She lived in Tudor times.
  • At the age of 18, she married Robert the son of Sir John Dudley who was later to become the all powerful Earl of Warwick and Duke of Northumberland.
  • The couple lived in Norfolk until Robert helped his father put the Protestant Lady Jane Grey on the throne. She only ruled for 9 days! Then Queen 'Bloody Mary' threw Robert in the Tower of London.
  • Amy lived in poverty until Robert was allowed to make things up to the Queen in the foreign wars.
  • When Queen Elizabeth I came to the throne, she gave Dudley lots of presents, land and well-paid jobs. They had been friends since they were kids. It was rumoured that the Queen loved Dudley and wanted to marry him.
  • Poor Amy was kept away from the Royal Court, while her husband went to parties and had lots of fun.
  • She liked to travel around and visit their different manor houses. She often stayed with their friend, William Hyde, at Throcking in Hertfordshire. Robert rarely visited.
  •  In 1560, she moved to Cumnor Place in North Berkshire. This was the rented home of her husband's accountant, Anthony Forster.
  • One day, everyone in the house went off to Abingdon Fair. Amy stayed at home.
  • When they all returned, they found Amy dead at the bottom of the stairs! She had broken her neck.
  • Dudley was at Windsor Castle when he heard of his wife's death. He did not go to Cumnor, and he did not attend her funeral.
  • He did become Earl of Leicester and Anthony Forster became rich enough to buy Cumnor Place.
  • The Queen was now free to marry Robert Dudley if she wanted to.
  • Did Amy fall down the stairs? or was she pushed? Was it murder? What do you think?


    Nash Ford Publishing 2004. All Rights Reserved. Cumnor is now administered by Oxfordshire County Council.