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Ockwells Manor
Best Gothic House in the County
  • Ockwells Manor House -  Nash Ford PublishingOckwells is a Medieval timber-framed manor house in East Berkshire. It is at Cox Green near Maidenhead.
  • The land on which it stands was given to Richard Norreys in 1283. He was Queen Eleanor's cook!
  • The house was built for his descendant, Sir John Norreys, in about 1450. It is a medieval hall house.
  • He filled the windows with expensive stained glass. They show the coats of arms of his friends, King Henry VI and his court.
  • This was very embarrassing when he had to change sides in the War of the Roses.
  • A later Sir John Norreys murdered a man from Nettlebed in Oxfordshire! Because he was rich, he got away with it, but Ockwells was confiscated.


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