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Coats of Arms & Heraldry
What's that all about?

Full Achievement of Arms for the Earl of Craven (based on the Sign of the Craven Arms at Enborne) 

  • A coat of arms is a special pattern of symbols and colours that a person had painted on their shield.
  • They could also wear it on their surcoat over their armour.
  • Coats of arms were used to make people easily recognisable in battle.
  • A coat of arms on your shield was only part of a full achievement of arms. Look at all the different parts in the picture.
  • Everything to do with coats of arms is called heraldry and the King's heralds are in charge of it.
  • You were only allowed to use a coat of arms if the King's heralds had designed one for your family. This is still true today.


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