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The Belle of the Ball

  • Arabella Fermor grew up in Oxfordshire. As a young woman she spent much time partying in London. People thought she was the most beautiful woman in the World, and everyone wanted to marry her.
  • At a fancy ball, Lord Petre managed to snip off a lock of her hair without her knowing. This caused a huge 'scandal'. Everyone thought this was an awful thing to do. The two familes fell out.
  • The writer, Alexander Pope form Binfield (near Bracknell), wrote a famous poem about it called the 'Rape of the Lock'. He tried to point out how unimportant the incident was.
    Arabella was even more embarrassed. Pope had made things twice as bad.
  • So the lady accepted an offer of marriage from Francis Perkins V of Ufton Court. She could now live quietly in the country, away from all the gossip.
  • Francis thought his house wasn't quite good enough for her. She was used to the latest fashions in London.
  • So he added elegant Georgian panelling throughout its west wing. Arabella was very happy.
  • They had several children, but no grandchildren. So the Perkins family died out in 1769.

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