Place Manor
Streatley, Berkshire

The manor of Streatley continued to be owned by non-resident great lords, although in the early 15th century it was bought by John Pury of Chamberhouse in Crookham on behalf of William De la Pole, later Duke of Suffolk. The De la Poles lived not far away at Ewelme Manor and Wallingford Castle. The original manor house was Place Manor in the High Street, near the crossroads. It has a 16th century core and a beautifully preserved dovecote of the same date. In the 16th century it was owned by the Earls of Derby, who seem to have leased it to the Berington (or Buriton) family whose numerous brass memorials can be seen in the parish church. They were a Welsh family who had settled in Herefordshire. They probably made their way to Reading to work with their Uncle Walter Barton, a rich merchant who has a memorial brass in St. Laurence's Church there. One might surmise that he had connections with Reading Abbey via Leominster Priory. By the 18th century, Streatley House had taken over as the major house in the village.

Place Manor is a private residence. It is easily seen, standing in thr High Street in Streatley.


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