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Milton House
Milton, Berkshire

King George III's lace-maker Bryant Barrett, and architect Stephen Wright created this beautifully hand-crafted 18th-century gentleman's residence from a small 17th-century country manor. Bryant Barrett's descendant, Mrs Marjorie Mockler, lives here and often acts as the guide. Two Royal rulers came to Milton. William of Orange rested his troops in Abingdon and was with the Calton family, builders of the original manor, when news was brought of James ll's flight to France, allowing William to journey to London and accept the throne for himself and his wife Mary. Peter the Great, the future Czar of Russia, visited Admiral Benbow at Milton during his journey to Oxford to receive an honorary degree from the University. The delightful Strawberry Hill Gothic Library and Chapel inside Milton Manor are now admired and acknowledged by experts. The 18th-century vestments of Bishop Challoner, who used Milton as a safe house, are on display. In 1981 the Bishop's work and courage were praised by The Pope during his Mass and address at Westminster Cathedral where the Bishop now lies.

Milton House is open to the public during the Summer.

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