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Thomas De Hanneye
(early 14th Century)


Thomas was the author of a treatise, 'De quatuor partibus Grammaticae,' known as the 'Memoriale Iuniorum,' which is extant in two manuscripts in the Bodleian Library. A note at the end of the table of contents, which has been variously amplified and elaborated by Bale, Pits and Tanner, states that Thomas de Hanneye compiled the treatise and continues thus: "Inchoavit [autem] apud Tolosam istum, xii. kalendas Maii anno gratie 1313, et consummavit eundem apud Lewes ad instanciam magistri Iohannis de Chertesia rectoris scolarum loci illius, iv. kalendas De-cembris eodem anno".

There appears to be no evidence that the writer was an Englishman but, if he was, he may be assumed to have taken his name from East or West Hanney in Berkshire, not far from Wantage, which place is spelled Hanneye in a roll of 1314. The date, which in both the Bodleian manuscripts is 1313, is given by Bale, apparently from another copy, as 1363, whence the round number 1360 has percolated into the dictionaries. The scribe of Bodleian 643 . has signed his name John Esteby, who has accordingly been described in the Cat. Libr. MSS. Angl. 1697, No. 2256, as the author of the treatise.

Edited from Leslie Stephen & Sidney Lee's "Dictionary of National Biography" (1890)

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