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The Hospitium
Where the Monks put up their Visitors

A Pilgrim -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • This was the abbey guesthouse.
  • It had its own dormitory where visitors could sleep. It had its own refectory where visitors could eat.
  • There was often a church or chapel nearby where visitors could worship without going to the main abbey church.
  • It was often near one of the abbey gateways, so that visitors could go straight to where they were staying.
  • Most abbey visitors were pilgrims.
  • The pilgrim in the picture has been to all four of Berkshire's big shrines. How can you tell? Do you know which ones they were?
  • More important visitors stayed with the abbot in his house.
  • The hospitium dormitory of Reading Abbey can still be seen today, behind St. Lawrence's Church. The one for Abingdon Abbey survives next to St. Nicholas' Church.


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