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The Abbot's House
Where the Man in Charge Lived

The Abbot of Reading -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • This was the home of the Abbot. He lived there in luxury.
  • It was so posh that it was sometimes called a palace.
  • The abbot was a very important man, not just locally but nationally.
  • He was a business man in charge of lots of farms. The Abbot of Abingdon Abbey had his own office or Chequer Hall which is still there today.
  • The abbot often had to entertain important guests at his house, including Kings and Queens. They could not stay in the hospitium.
  • The abbot ate in his hall, not in the refectory. He had his own servants to wait on him.
  • His meals were brought from the abbey kitchen which stood nearby. Sometimes the abbot had his own kitchen.
  • The Abbot's House at Reading Abbey was so nice that King Henry VIII turned it into a Royal palace after the Dissolution.


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