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Rev. John Harewell
Made his way in the Church - with a little help from the Black Prince

John Harewell, Bishop of Bath & Wells -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • John Harewell lived in the 14th century. He was also called John Harwell. He came from Harwell, near Wantage, where his family lived at Bayllol's Manor.

  • He had an elder brother who was going to inherit all his father's lands. So it was decided that he should become a vicar. Then he wouldn't need any land. This happened to a lot of younger sons.

  • John went to University in Oxford and then became the vicar of a small village in Warwickshire. But he wanted to become important in the Church.

  • His father knew the Black Prince because he owned Prince's Manor in Harwell and visited sometimes from Wallingford Castle. He introduced him to his son. John became the Prince's private chaplain and they spent lots of time together.

  • With the Prince's help, he was made an Archdeacon. In return, he looked after Guyenne in Aquitaine (France) for him. The Prince even persuaded the Pope to make John into the Archdeacon of Berkshire, so he could still live nearby.

  • Eventually, John was appointed Bishop of Bath & Wells. He lived in a grand palace in Somerset. He was famous for getting one of the twin-towers of Wells Cathedral built.


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