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Herne's on the Rampage!
and he's looking for you!

Herne the Hunter -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • 'Herne the Hunter' worked at Windsor Castle in Medieval Times. His job was to find the deer in the Forest or the Park. Then he would help King Richard II chase them and shoot them with bows and arrows. The King would eat the deer for his supper.

  • One day they chased a very handsome white hart (a kind of deer). The hart turned to attack the King. Herne stood in the way and was badly hurt. The other hunters killed the hart.

  • Herne was taken to a famous wizard. He promised to mend his wounds, if Herne would give him his hunting skills. He put the white hart's antlers on Herne's head and cast a spell on him.

  • Herne was immediately better. The King gave him lots of presents for saving his life.

  • The other huntsmen were jealous. They made up lots of bad stories about Herne and told the King.

  • Because of his bargain with the wizard, Herne was magically unable to find any deer for the King to hunt. King Richard thought he was ungrateful. He believed the bad stories and sacked him.

  • Herne was very upset. He tied the antlers back on his head and ran into the Park.

  • The next day, his dead body was found hanging from an oak tree!

  • Herne's ghost rides on his horse through Windsor Forest and across the sky every night! Watch out for his blue glow and the sound of his horn. If he catches you, you'll never be seen again.


  • No-one really knows if the story is true. Some historians think it is much older than Medieval times.

  • They think Herne was originally the Romano-British god, Cernunnos. His proper story has been forgotten over the years, and has turned into the story of Herne.


    Nash Ford Publishing 2004. All Rights Reserved.