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Battles at Newbury
Surrounding Fields turn Red with Blood


  • The Battles of Newbury happened during the English Civil War.

  • The 1st Battle of Newbury took place in 1643 to the south-west of the town.

  • King Charles I was trying to get back to London after the Siege of Gloucester. The Earl of Essex and Parliament's soldiers were trying to stop him.

  • The two sides fought from Dawn till Dusk. They were very tired after their long march. The fences around the 'enclosed' fields of Enborne made fighting difficult.

  • 6,000 soldiers were killed. Amongst them was Viscount Falkland. He has a big memorial at Wash Common. The King decided it was best to run away in the night!

  • The next year, the 2nd Battle of Newbury took place.

  • The King was returning to his headquarters at Oxford. The Earl of Manchester and Parliament's soldiers attacked him to the north-west of Newbury, around Speen.

  • King Charles made a temporary headquarters at Shaw House. A soldier shot at him through a window there, but missed. A plaque marks the spot.

  • The King also had friends at Donnington Castle and many of Palriament's soldiers had to march a long way north to avoid its guns.

  • The fighting was very fierce, but again the King managed to run away. A long siege followed at Donnington Castle.


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