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The Welford Ghost
Laid to Rest by Twelve Clergyman

An ancestor of the squire of Welford, whose spirit could not rest, once haunted a large barn. This barn stood by the road near the present gates to Welford House. Twelve clergymen were sent for to lay the spirit. The villagers, hearing about it were very curious and two men crept into the barn, hiding themselves in the straw. The clergymen stood round in a ring and began reading a psalm, on and on they read but still the spirit would not come into the circle. When the twelfth had finished the last verse, he began reading it backwards and immediately the spirit came flying in. They commanded him to leave the barn, but he would not go. Then he bargained with them saying, "If you give me two mice from the straw, I will go". The clergymen thinking it impossible to find them said, "No, but we will give you two cocks from the roost". When the cocks were brought in the spirit tore them to pieces. Such, no doubt, would have been the fate of the two men in the straw if the spirit's request for the two mice had been granted. Then they bound the spirit over to keep in the fishpond by Welford House, where he is to this day.

This story is almost identical to one told of South Moreton.

Edited from the Berkshire Local History Recording Scheme (1930)


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