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Ghosts from Berkshire Places
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A ghost known locally as "Mrs. It” once haunted Yattendon Rectory. The former rector, the Rev. A.F.O. Farmer, and his wife told calmly and frankly of her frequent appearances, not only within their home, but out-of-doors. She was a small lady in an 18th century grey (or black) silk dress, shawl and flat hat who, because she evidenced herself most often before a party or similar company occasion, was thought to have been a one-time housekeeper there. Although some say she was the vicar’s daughter. She also helped with the household chores and revealed concealed hens’ nests. For years, this harmless wraith had been observed by members of the Farmer family and their guests, to the extent that she was taken for granted. Once "Mrs. It" startled some horses when she manifested herself suddenly behind Mrs. Farmer. The ghost seems to have terminated activities when the Farmers moved.

A meadow where wild daffodils grow and where there stands an old barn of flint and brick is haunted by the ghost of a former owner of the house which stood on the site before being destroyed in the Civil war. He wanders around the field.


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