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Ghosts from Berkshire Places
Beginning with 'M'


In 1969, an archaeological dig on the site of the old ‘Strande Castle’ revealed what appears to have been a Roman encampment of some sort. At the same time, the diggers seem to have disturbed two restless spirits, the the ghosts of a lady in a long robe and a small girl were reported on a number of occasions.

The ‘Hobgoblin’ pub is haunted by a friendly ghost named ‘Bob’. Read the full story.


Round about 1899, occupants of a Marcham house were greatly upset by sounds as of a child crying. It occurred at all times, but mostly in the evenings after their own children had been put to bed. On anybody going upstairs to quieten the youngsters, these were usually found to be fast asleep. Some six years later, in a cavity under the stairs was found a bundled dress, wrapping the bones of a young child who had apparently died from violence. After Christian burial in the churchyard, the cryings ended. Read the full story.


Button Court Farm is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of the famous agriculturalist, Jethro Tull. He is said to have burst a blood-vessel there and died. Since which time his spirit reappears and jumps about. Unfortunately, Tull the Agriculturalist died at Prosperous Farm in Hungerford. The ghostly man at Midgham was a later relative, Jethro Tull (1725-1774), a well-known local watchmaker.*

Money Row Green

During the Second World War, the ghost of a grey lady and her baby was seen at the ‘White Hart’. Her appearances – usually at Christmas – were always preceded by unexplained knockings on the panelled walls and footsteps on the staircase.

Nearby has been seen a phantom horse, thought to be the racehorse ‘Kruger’ who was killed in a steeplechase at Hawthorn Hill (Bray) in 1901.


* Information kindly provided by local historian, Derek Collier.


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