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All sorts of milling n Reading



  • Milling was very important in all towns and villages, including Reading. Everyone needed corn to be ground to make flour for baking bread.
    • Wheels on water-mills were turned by the flowing river.
    • This turned big mill stones, rubbing them together.
    • Pouring corn in between them crushed it and released the flour inside.
  • Reading Abbey had its own mill grinding corn from its many granges (farms) around the county. Its mill stream became known as the 'Holy Brook' because it was so important in making money for the monks. Its arch can still be seen behind the Library.
  • The other two mills in the town were called Minster Mill and St. Giles' Mill. They both drove both corn grinding and cloth fulling mechanisms. Fulling was part of the process for making cloth that made some people in the town very rich.


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