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Ladye Place, Hurley
Where plotters change the King
  • Antique print of Ladye Place, Hurley - this version  Nash Ford PublishingLadye Place was a Tudor mansion in East Berkshire. It stood at Hurley near Maidenhead. It was built in the late 16th century for Richard Lovelace. It was an Elizabethan H-plan house. It was built on the site of an old priory.
  • Richard was a pirate. He had sailed to the Caribbean with Sir Francis Drake. They made a fortune stealing gold from the Spanish. His son became Baron Lovelace.
  • The 2nd Baron Lovelace fought for King Charles I during the Civil War. When he was away, Roundhead soldiers stole everything from Ladye Place. His mother was left standing in her underwear!
  • A small boy told him his father started the Great Fire of London. Was it true?
  • In the cellars, the 3rd Baron plotted to throw King James II out of England. He and his friends brought William III over from the Netherlands instead.
  • He had artists paint fabulous pictures all over the walls and ceilings of the house. He spent all his money and it had to be sold.
  • It was bought by a lady who had won 20,000 in a lottery (1.5m today). Her nephew, Joseph Wilcocks spent his money helping people in Hurley.
  • The family died out. The house was empty for 11 years. It needed lots of expensive repairs. So, in 1837, it was pulled down instead.
  • The gateways and the cellars are still standing.


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