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King performs Miracles
at Berkshire Royal Seat

King Edward the Confessor - © Nash Ford Publishing


  • Because of his kindness and good works, everyone thought King Edward the Confessor was a saint. He lived in Saxon times and his favourite home was his palace at Old Windsor.
  • One day, he was greeted there by great crowds of people. They wanted to touch the holy man.
  • Through the crowd came a poor man in rags. He explained to the King that he was a woodcutter who had been mysteriously struck blind.
  • He had been travelling all over the South of England. He stopped at all the churches. They were dedicated to lots of different saints and had many holy relics. He had prayed to each saint, but no-one seemed able to help him.
  • The woodcutter said that dead saints were no good. King Edward was a living saint. Surely he could cure his blindness.
  • King Edward disagreed, but he still placed his hands on the blind man’s head and blessed him as he asked.
  • Immediately, the woodcutter’s sight returned. All the people cheered. It was a miracle!


    © Nash Ford Publishing 2004. All Rights Reserved.