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Englefield House
Home of the County's Oldest Family
  • Englefield House -  Nash Ford PublishingEnglefield House is a Tudor mansion in mid-Berkshire. It is near Reading.
  • It was built for Sir Francis Englefield in 1558. It is an Elizabethan E-plan house.
  • Sir Francis' family was the oldest in Berkshire. they had lived at Englefield since Saxon times.
  • He was the last to live there. He was a Roman Catholic. He would not become a Protestant during the Reformation of the Church. So he had to flee abroad.
  • The Marquis of Winchester retired to Englefield House after the English Civil War. He had had a huge palace near Basingstoke in Hampshire before. He had defended it for the King during a 3 year siege. Parliament had it pulled down.
  • Englefield House is now a private home. The Benyon family live there. There are still deer in the park and the gardens are open to the public.


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