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An Horrific Night Out!
Terrified Midwife becomes Dangerous Witness

Midwife tries to protect the baby at Hamstead Marshall House - © Nash Ford Publishing


  • In Tudor times, a London midwife was called into the countryside in the middle of the night.
  • The old woman was very frightened as the grand man who collected her told her she must swear not to reveal what she was about to see.
  • They arrived at a huge mansion, which one of the servants let slip was called Hamstead Marshall Park. The midwife was taken to a room where a lady was giving birth to a baby.
  • The old woman did what she could to help and the lady gave birth to a fine baby girl. Then the grand man burst in and told the midwife to throw the baby into the blazing fireplace.
  • Of course, the old woman refused. "You’re Mad!" she cried, but the man seized the baby and did the wicked deed himself!
  • The midwife turned away in horror. She was given a drink to calm her nerves. It was poisoned!
  • 6 days later, the midwife was dead, but first she told her story and identified the young lady as Queen Elizabeth I!


    © Nash Ford Publishing 2004. All Rights Reserved.