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Cumberland Lodge
Ranger's Home in the Park
  • Cumberland LodgeCumberland Lodge is mostly a Victorian 'Gothic Revival' mansion in the middle of Windsor Great Park.
  • After the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell sold off parts of the Great Park. A man named James Byfield bought the land and built the 1st house.
  • King Charles II took back the land and made the house into the home of the Ranger of Windsor Great Park. The Ranger looks after the Park.
  • The famous 1st Duke of Marlborough and his wicked wife, Sarah, lived there in late Stuart Times. Sarah was a good friend of Queen Anne, but she was always telling her what to do. So they fell out.
  • The Duke of Cumberland rebuilt the house in 1759. That is why it is called Cumberland Lodge. He liked to breed race horses there and kept a small zoo, but the tigers killed a small boy and had to be sent away to London.
  • The old house burnt down in 1869 and a new one was built. It is now a college.


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