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and Padworth: Neighbours come to Blows

Sir Humphrey Forster of Aldermaston House -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • Sir Humphrey Forster lived at Aldermaston House in Tudor times. He was married to the daughter of Lord Sandys, King Henry VIII's Lord Chamberlain. This made him feel very important. He had a bad temper and liked to throw his weight around.
  • His neighbour, Richard Perkins, lived at Ufton Robert Manor (and his wife later bought Ufton Court). The two men didn't get on. Sir Humphrey claimed the rights to Hussey's Manor in Padworth, but Richard's brother, Francis, lived there. There was a big argument.
  • Eventually, Sir Humphrey got together lots of his servants. They armed themselves with bows and arrows, swords, shields, daggers and spears, and marched on Hussey's Manor at half past 5 in the morning.
  • They broke in and found Francis Perkins in the hall. He had only just got up. Sir Humphrey beat him up and threw him to the ground. He then started kicking him.
  • Francis' wife came running downstairs in her nightie and just managed to stop Sir Humphrey from killing him. Francis was tied up and the group marched to Ufton Robert.
  • Richard Perkins was having breakfast with some guests. Sir Humphrey's men burst in on them. Sir Humphrey grabbed Richard by the hair and told him to stay away from Padworth.
  • One guest tried to stop him but got punched in the stomach. Sir Humphrey drew his sword and was about to attack Richard further, but his wife held onto his arms. He decided to leave.
  • Poor Francis Perkins was thrown in gaol for the night at Aldermaston.
  • Richard took Sir Humphrey to the local court in Wokingham, but he bribed and threatened the jury. So Richard took the case to an important court in London called the 'Star Chamber'.
  • The outcome is not known. What do you think the judge should have done?


    Nash Ford Publishing 2004. All Rights Reserved.