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Basildon Park
Restored after Rack & Ruin
  • Basildon Park -  Nash Ford PublishingBasildon Park is a big Georgian mansion in Mid-Berkshire. It is near Reading.
  • It was built by Sir Francis Sykes in 1776. It took 7 years to finish.
  • Sir Francis was a friend of India's Governor, Warren Hastings, who lived nearby at Purley Hall. He made lots of money in that country.
  • Sir Francis' son & most of his family died of scarlet fever in Germany! One grandson survived, but he spent all his grandfather's money. The family had to sell the house.
  • James Morrison then lived there in Victorian Times. He liked art and helped set up the National Gallery in London.
  • In the 1st World War, Basilson Park was used as a hospital. It was later deserted. There was a plan to take it down and rebuild it in America! This didn't happen and it began to fall apart.
  • In 1952, Lord Iliffe's son bought the house and did it up. It now belongs to the National Trust. It is open to the public.


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