Sandleford Priory
Sandleford, Berkshire

There was a small Augustine priory here c.1200.  In 1440 the property was in a ruinous state and the then Prior, Simon Dam, was deposed because of it. James Wyatt rebuilt the remains as a Gothic style country house in 1780 for Elizabeth Montague (1720-1800).  She started the 'Blue Stocking' high society social gatherings here. The house is a seven-bay battlemented and pinnacled structure with a rendered facade.  There is a large classical Adam style room in the rear wing above which is preserved the 14th century timber roof being the only visible remains of the original priory. In 1929 St. Gabriel's School for girls was established in the house.

Sandleford Priory is currently St. Gabriel's School for Girls.


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