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Moor Close
Binfield, Berkshire

In about 1911 this house, built in 1865, whose style can still be seen at the southern end, was transformed and enlarged for millionaire Charles Birch Crisp by the young and unknown Oliver Hill. It was Hill's first commission and he went on to become one of Britain's foremost architects in the thirties and forties. The young Hill was an admirer of Edwin Lutyens and this shows both in the redesigned house and in the architectural features of the gardens with which he surrounded it. He later said that in his garden planting schemes he was a follower of Gertrude Gekyll, so Moor Close has a link with two of the great names of the period. The gardens fell in disrepair after Crisp ran into financial difficulties in the late twenties, but are currently being restored by Newbold College which purchased the property in 1945.

Moor Close is part of Newbold College, the Ministerial Training College of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It can be clearly seen from the Entrance.

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