Hall Barn
Blewbury, Berkshire

Hall Barn is the manor house of the manor of Nottingham's Fee in Blewbury and should not be confused with the present house in village called 'Nottingham's Fee'. In ancient times, the manor belonged to Noyon Abbey in France, but was leased to the Nottingham family in 1242, hence the name. They held the manor until 1401. By 1484, the place was in the hands of the Kidwellys from Little Wittenham and then their descendants, the Stanshulls who sold up in 1626. The current building is a mid-17th century brick house with timber cross-wing and was probably built by Thomas Humphrey who purchased the manor in 1654. His family continued to live there well into the 20th century.

Hall Barn is a private residence. The gardens are very occasionally open to the public. 


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