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Caversham Castle (in Oxfordshire)
Centre of Medieval Regency

In medieval times, Caversham had an important Castle or fortified manor. It probably stood on the edge of the present park, on the site of the later Dean's Farm. This was down by the river on slightly elevated ground which never floods. This afforded excellent communications and was near the old ferry and mill. The house was the favourite home of William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, the eighty year old regent of England during the minority of Henry III. He died there in 1218. The castle later passed to the Earls of Warwick, who also favoured it. Anne daughter & eventual sole heiress of Richard Beauchamp, 13th Earl of Warwick, & his wife Isabella (daughter & eventual sole heiress of Thomas Le Despencer, 11th Earl of Gloucester) was born at Caversham in September 1426. The Earl later made his will here on 8th August 1437. Although betrothed to him since she was eight, Richard Neville, son of the 8th Earl of Salisbury (from Bisham) is supposed to have proposed to the Lady Anne on Caversham Bridge. He was already brother-in-law to her brother, Henry, the 14th Earl. After they married, Richard inherited the title from her niece, and became known to history as the man whose support determined the King: Henry VI or Edward IV. He was Warwick the Kingmaker.

The castle was eventually succeeded by a number of great mansions, from the Tudor period onwards, under the name of Caversham Park. Since 1911, Caversham, including the area where the castle stood, has fallen within the region administered by Berkshire County Council and its successor, Reading Borough Council.

    Nash Ford Publishing 2001. All Rights Reserved. Caversham is actually in Oxfordshire.