Blewbury Manor
Blewbury, Berkshire

Blewbury Manor appears to e the manor house of the 'Great Manor' in Blewbury. It adjoins a fine moat, still filled, which would have surrounded the original medieval house. This house was called 'Stewards' because it was owned by Reading Abbey and even their lessees were absent landlords, leaving the estate to be run by a steward. The old house was apparently burnt down in 1630. The present timber-framed building was erected slightly to the north in 1690, it being unlucky to rebuild on the original site. In the mid-18th century, the brick centre and east wing were added, possibly by the Badcock family. A new facade was created so that the whole matched seamlessly on the outside, despite the windows not fitting internally and overlapping floors.

Blewbury Manor is a private residence. The gardens are very occasionally open to the public. 


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