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Beenham House
Beenham, Berkshire

In the late 15th century, Beenham House was the residence of Thomas Colle whose daughter and heiress married John Perkins of Ufton Court. Thus these two adjoining estates were united for a time. In 1560, however, Richard Perkins, having died childless divided his manors between his various nephews. Beenham then became the residence of a younger branch of the family, until finally being sold off to Sir Charles Hopson in 1703. His great grandson, Sir Charles Rich, replaced the Perkins' old timber gabled mansion with the present Beenham House in the late 18th century. It is actually a redbrick house, but has been painted white, leading to the mistaken belief that it was built as a twin to Sulhamstead House, across the valley.


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