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The Last Will & Testament of
Winifred Brokesby, Lady Englefield

In the Name of God Amen I Winifred Englefield of Shelbye in the county of Leicester the relict of Francis Englefield knight and baronet being in perfect memory thanks be to God do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following First I bequeath my soul to God my creator and my body to the earth from whence it came to be buried in Saxelbye Chancel with a flat stone to be laid over me with my name engraven likewise whose wife I was whose daughter I was and what children I had Item I give to my son Sir Charles Waldegrave one hundred pounds of lawful English money Item I give to my daughter Ellen Waldegrave a furniture of crimson velvet embroidered with silver belonging to my closet Item I give to my daughter Elizabeth Browne three pictures with gilt frames belonging to my green closet also the picture of Saint Mary Magdalen hanging in my chamber four silver candlesticks and a little silver basin two silver cruets belonging to the closet wherein the furniture of crimson velvet is Item I give to my grandchild Henry Waldegrave a pair of silver candlesticks of twenty pounds price Item I give to my grandchild Winifred Browne a pair of silver candlesticks of twenty pounds price to be given them within six months after my decease Item I give to my grandchild Frances Wileman daughter to the Lord Teynham twelve of my best silver spoons six silver salts one great silver salt six silver forks twelve silver knives two of the bigger silver porringers and a silver cup with a plate belonging to the closet where the crimson furniture lies The rest of my plate to go towards the payment of my legacies Item I give and bequeath all my other goods within doors mentioned in an inventory and all my goods and cattle without doors unto my grandchild Frances Wileman except before disposed  of What money rents bonds or other debts shall be due unto me at my decease and what ready money I shall leave behind me I give and bequeath unto the daughters of my grandchild Frances Wileman as likewise what lands and chattels I shall leave (if I should purchase any before my death) my debts legacies and funeral charges being fist paid to be equal and divided amongst them Yet my will and desire is that the said eldest daughter Winifred Wileman shall have five hundred pounds and the remainder of what monies I shall leave to be equally divided amongst the other daughters now born And furthermore my will is that the said monies shall be paid unto them at their several days of marriage when they shall accomplish the full age of twenty-one years and that then they shall have the profits of that money but the principal new wages to be disposed of without the consent and will of my executor unless they marry In the mean time my will is if any of the foresaid children die before their monies become due then the money to be equally divided amongst the surviving daughters and if all should die but one that then that surviving daughter shall have all the shares and if all the said daughters (viz) Winifred Ellen Elizabeth and Dorothy should so happen to die (that is to say) before the age of one and twenty or before the day of their marriage then shall their shares to be paid unto the abovesaid Frances Wileman their mother Item my will and desire is that in the mean time my said grandchild Frances Wileman shall have all the profit of the money for the bringing up of her said children Lastly for the hundred pounds mentioned to be given unto my son Sir Charles Waldegrave this note enclosed will direct you And of this my last will and testament I do hereby make constitute and appoint him the said Sir Charles Waldegrave my sole executor In witness whereof I put my hand and seal this the fourth day of June in the year of Our Lord God one thousand six hundred and seventy-two To my said executor Sir Charles Waldegrave I give for a legacy my coach horses

Win: Englefield

Signed and sealed in the presence of us: John Pole; William Stevens

Probate granted in London 1672 to Sir Charles Waldegrave baronet & executor


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